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Understanding Trump’s Executive Order

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New Immigration into the US is suspended for 60 days for some categories of people who are not in the U.S. right now.

Who Is Included

People outside of the US right now, who don’t already have a visa on 4/22/20, who want an immigrant visa

Who Is NOT Included

  • Spouses and children under 21 of US Citizens
  • Green card applicants already in the USA
  • US Military members, spouses, and children
  • Lawful Permanent Residents or “Green Card Holders”
  • Medical professionals and scientists working on Covid-19
  • EB-5 Investors, National Interests Visa applicants
  • SI or SQ special immigrant categories
  • Adoptees in the IR-4 or IH-4 categories
  • Non-Immigrants
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