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About Us

Mission Statement

At The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh, our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to individuals and families who are faced with complex immigration and legal matters. We deliver highly skilled, honest, ethical, and innovative legal representation to our clients in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We take our time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs. We hold our firm to the highest standard of excellence and are dedicated to each client’s voice being heard. We utilize our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the law in order to obtain favorable results.


Our vision is to be a global firm that provides our clients with the highest-quality, honest, and effective legal services while emphasizing teamwork, creativity, and responsiveness.


  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves with uncompromised honesty, honor, and ethics.
  • Competence – Like the cornerstone of a building, competence is the cornerstone of our legal services.
  • Professionalism – We are accountable to ourselves and to our clients for the quality of our service, and we seek to continually improve ourselves, our firm, and our community relationships.
  • Compassion and Empathy: We will treat our clients with compassion and empathy. We are passionate about our clients’ success and will strive for it. We are tenacious in protecting our clients’ interests. We treat people fairly, and we care about the quality of our work.
  • Teamwork – We work together in a supportive, respectful, and fun way. We value everyone’s contributions.

How We Can Help You with Immigration

At The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh, we are passionate about helping immigrants begin their journey to a life in the United States. We are proponents of the powerful benefits immigration can grant individuals and families and are prepared to help identify practical and innovative legal solutions to help achieve your goals of living and working in the country.

Our firm also strives to fight for immigrants who have been detained or are facing removal proceedings. Deportation can be a terrifying prospect, but we make it our mission to help immigrants understand their rights and do everything possible to keep them in the United States – their home.

To learn more about how we can help you with immigration call 717-912-8555 or contact us online. We offer our legal services in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Rosina has extensive experience serving clients as a trustworthy York immigration attorney, having formerly worked at a popular immigration law office before founding her own. She has intentionally focused much of her practice on removal and deportation defense, whether or not her client has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Besides litigating in immigration courts, Attorney Stambaugh is capable of appealing immigration cases as well in the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Due to her outstanding legal performances and abilities, Attorney Rosina Stambaugh has been highly decorated by professional organizations. She has been named the 2016 Light of Liberty Attorney of the Year by the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center, a Select Lawyer for immigration law, and much more.

Our practice is built on honesty, integrity, and individualized serviceWe take the time to personally know each client and often their families, leaving no stone unturned as we explore potential means of solving their immigration problems. We understand that the American immigration system can be confusing, intimidating, and frustrating, but our team has extensive experience and complete knowledge to help you navigate its applications, courts, and more.

The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh can assist you with numerous areas of immigration, including:

  • Deportation Defense. If you have received a Notice to Appear and are the subject of imminent removal proceedings, our attorney can defend you in court and help you identify potential means of avoiding deportation.
  • Detained Individuals. Sometimes individuals can be detained in advance of deportation proceedings. We can assist with locating detainees, reconnecting with their loved ones, preparing their cases, and working to get them released.
  • Bonds & Bond Hearings. Many detainees are eligible for release ahead of their court hearing and should pay the bond assigned to them. If a bond amount is unreasonably high, we can work to get it lowered through a bond hearing.
  • Appeals. Should your hearing result in an unfavorable decision, you still have multiple options in appealing your case and avoiding immediate removal. We can help you explore appeals at the state and federal levels.
  • Change of Venue. A Notice to Appear will include the location of the court in which you, your legal representatives, and any relevant witnesses will be expected to appear. Should this address be unduly inconvenient, we can help petition to move the proceedings to a more acceptable location.
  • Stay of Removal. When unfavorable conclusions in a removal case are reached, immigration agencies can often be overzealous in pursuing immediate deportation orders. It is important we help you quickly file Stays of Removal to keep you in the country while alternative legal measures are considered and adjudicated.
  • Immigration Court & Prison Resources. We believe that knowledge is power, which is why we encourage our clients and their families to learn as much about the York court and prison systems that are likely to become relevant to their case.
  • Family-Based Immigration. We can assist you with obtaining green cards through several family-based processes, including through a U.S. citizen spouse and through a U.S. military spouse.
  • Unlawful Presence Waivers. Some immigrants will unintentionally or unavoidably accrue unlawful presence as a result of overstaying their visas or otherwise remaining in the United States without status. Though unlawful presence can jeopardize your future in the country, we can work to get you a waiver that will clear the way for legal immigration.
  • Citizenship & Naturalization. If you are already a lawful permanent resident and have cleared your mandatory waiting period, we can work with you through every step of the naturalization process, from the application to the interview and exam, to finally get your citizenship.
  • Nonimmigrant Visas. No matter your business or interest in the United States, we can help you find and pursue a visa that suits your needs. Our team has experience helping clients explore student visas, visitor visas, work visas, and B-1 business visitor visas, among others.
  • DACA. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an Obama-era program seeking to offer protections against removal for qualifying immigrants who arrived in the country as children. We can help the program’s beneficiaries renew their status and make sure their rights are protected.
  • Affirmative Asylum. An immigrant can seek asylum, and the protections asylee status bestows, if they have a sincere belief they will face prosecution or violence by returning to their home country as a resulted of a protected facet of their identity or beliefs. We can help you navigate the complex asylum process and represent you as your case is decided.
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The Department of Homeland Security has the ability to designate countries experiencing a temporary but continuing violent disaster, like the effects of a hurricane or civil war, with “temporary protected status.” Immigrants living in the United States from these countries can gain the ability to remain in the country until the emergency has ended.
  • Crimmigration. When a noncitizen has been charged with a crime – even a minor or first-time offense – their status and ability to stay in the country can become endangered. We can help defend jeopardized immigrants and work to avoid removal as a result of a criminal charge or conviction.

About Attorney Rosina Stambaugh

Our immigration attorney and founder, Rosina C. Stambaugh, has spent years helping Pennsylvania clients solve immigration problems. She emphasizes much of her practice on removal and deportation defense, regardless of whether a client has been detained or not by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She also has experience fighting for clients through appeals, having done so through the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorney Stambaugh has won numerous honors and distinctions as a result of her work, including being named as a Super Lawyer for 2020. She is prepared to do everything possible to fight for you and will give your case the compassionate attention it deserves.