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Receiving a Notice to Appear (NTA) is a worst-case scenario for many immigrants. Receiving this legal notice means the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is initiating removal proceedings against you, and you could face deportation. Being removed from the country you have worked so hard to belong to can be devastating in its own right, but removal can also separate you from your family, friends, and other loved ones. Any life you have built in the United States will be in jeopardy.

The good news is deportation is not a foregone conclusion. Qualified legal representation can help you identify and pursue tools to help you find relief and protect you from removal. Our deportation defense lawyer at The Law Office of Rosalina C. Stambaugh is prepared to give you the comprehensive legal assistance your case demands. Our team can fight for you in immigration court and help pursue all possible deportation relief measures.

If you receive a Notice to Appear, do not delay in hiring a lawyer to represent you. Call (717) 921-4042 or contact us online.

What To Do When You Receive a Notice to Appear

The NTA is a legal summons mandating your appearance at an immigration court. They are issued when the government believes you have done something that warrants deportation. The specific reasons, called the grounds for removal, will be explained in the NTA.

As soon as you receive an NTA, contact an experienced immigration lawyer, no matter the specifics of the grounds for removal. You should seek legal representation even if you believe there has been some sort of mistake and you have not done what is described in the NTA.

You must attend the scheduled hearing dictated in your NTA, even if it conflicts with your job or some other form of obligation. The document will include where the hearing will be take place and when you will be expected to be there. Not appearing at an immigration court hearing is grounds for immediate removal, meaning steps will likely be taken to expediently deport you. We will be extremely limited in how we can help you if you fail to appear at one or more immigration hearings.

How We Can Help You If You Are Facing Deportation

At The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh, we strongly believing in keeping immigrants’ lives intact. That means doing everything possible to keep families together and careers progressing. Deportation can shatter a noncitizen’s American dream, but we have a complete knowledge of immigration law to help our clients find meaningful relief and avoid removal.

When you have made your initial appearance in court as dictated by your NTA, you will have the opportunity to retain legal representation. You will be able to dispute the contents of the NTA, and a judge will review the available evidence and testimony. The court will ultimately rule whether or not you should be removed. If the decision is unfavorable, other relief measures can be sought.

The deportation relief options available to you will vary by your individual circumstances. A key benefit of having a skilled lawyer on your side is they can evaluate the facts of your case and identify the relief solutions that can potentially help you.

Our York deportation defense attorney can help you explore many removal relief solutions, including:

  • Deportation defense representation for both detained and non-detained immigrants. If the U.S. government believes you are in the country unlawfully, Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agents may detain you in advance of an immigration hearing. We can help you communicate with ICE, reconnect you with worried loved ones, and see if you qualify for release through a bond hearing. Detained individuals are still eligible for many types of other deportation relief, and we can help represent you in court.
  • Bond hearings. We may be able to help you get released from detainment as a result of removal proceeding through paying a court-approved bond. Many initial bonds are set exorbitantly high by design, we can pursue a bond redetermination hearing with the Board of Immigrant Appeals to reduce it to a more reasonable amount. Bonds in immigration cases and determined by a number of factors, including ability to pay the bond, the grounds for removal, and the defendant’s role in their community. Our team can work to get you the lowest bond possible.
  • Motion to Terminate. This is the legal action in which we request the court dismisses your cases on account of the government’s charges being defective in some way. This can be useful when the grounds for removal are factually incorrect or other elements of the government’s case is substantively false in some way. This can be a best case scenario, as a successful Motion to Terminate means you will not be deported, you will be released if you were detained, and in many cases, you will continue to be able to live and work in the country.
  • Motion to Change Venue. Your NTA will include the location of the immigration court, where you are required to appear. Sometimes, the court may be located a significant distance from your residence, to the point where you might endure some undue burden in being expected to transport yourself there. Witnesses relevant to your case may also live too far away. We can help expedite and simplify removal proceedings in these instances by filing a Motion to Change Venue, which, as the name would imply, requests the immigration court be relocated to somewhere more convenient for all parties involved.
  • Appeals with the Board of Immigrant Appeals (BIA). If an immigration judge rules unfavorably, setting you up for deportation, you may have the opportunity to appeal under certain conditions. We can help you file an appeal for the court’s decision to be reconsidered if the original removal proceedings either treated you unfairly or failed to properly consider one or more elements of your case.
  • Petitions for Review with the Federal Courts. If the BIA issues a decision that we feel to be fundamentally wrong and unfair in the initial appeal process, we can consider a petition for review with the federal circuit court of appeals. They will review the agency’s decision and give you another opportunity to avoid removal.
  • Stays of Removal. If you are the subject of a deportation order, we can move to delay any removal action while we fight to have your case re-adjudicated through the appropriate appeal filing. Stays are typically granted when appeals are filed and last until a decision has been reached.

Our Team Will Fight for You

We are empathetic to the stress, frustration, and anger at the sometimes-labyrinthine deportation process. We also know how important it is that you receive a favorable decision that allows you to continue living and working in the country. Our goal at The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh is to help protect your future in the United States through leveraging all means of available removal relief. Our York deportation defense lawyer has substantial experiencing all facets of immigration court and can assist you no matter the complexity of your case.

If you are facing deportation, the sooner you hire a skilled attorney, the better. Dial (717) 921-4042 or contact us online to get started.

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    Rosina is amazing!

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