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If you are a United States citizen living outside of the country, you may have a child who was born outside of the U.S. If at any point your child wants to enter and live in the United States, they will need to apply for the I-R2 visa to do so lawfully. The I-R2 visa application is an extensive process that can be overwhelming for citizens to tackle on their own. Fortunately, with the help of a legal professional, you can submit an application for your child and help them enter the U.S. in no time.

At The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh, our lawyers have years of experience dealing with immigration law and visa applications. We can assist you no matter where you are in the process, whether you have questions about getting started or if you want to get your green card after your application has been approved. For more information, call our office today at 717-900-1818.

Who Is Eligible for an I-R2 Visa?

Generally, the I-R2 visa is for unmarried children of a parent who is a U.S. citizen. If your child is not a green card holder or a U.S. citizen, they may be eligible for this visa.

The I-R2 visa requirements include:

  • The parent, also called the sponsor, is a U.S. citizen
  • The parent has had legal custody of the child for at least two years
  • The parent has lived with the child for at least two years
  • The child is under the age of 21
  • The child is unmarried
  • If the child is adopted, the adoption must be finalized before the child is 16

If you are adopting a child outside of the United States, your adopted child may be able to apply for an I-R2 visa. Your adopted child will still need a visa to enter the country, even if you are their legal guardian or parent.

What Is the I-R2 Visa Application Process?

There is no cap on the I-R2 visa, meaning that the United States can issue an unlimited amount of I-R2 visas every year. Because of this, the I-R2 application process generally moves faster than other visa applications. Although the application process can vary slightly depending on your circumstances, there are some steps that you must complete before approval.

First, you must complete Form I-130, the Petition for Alien Relative. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will process this form. Once the form is processed, you then need to file Form DS-260, Immigrant Visa Electronic Application, with evidence of your parent-child relationship. This application will ask you to include supporting documents to prove that you have lived with your child for at least two years outside the United States.
You must submit the following documents when filing Form DS-260:

  • Your child’s passport with a validity of at least six months
  • Form DS-260’s confirmation page
  • Completed and signed Form I-864
  • Your child’s medical exam report
  • Your court and criminal record
  • Two recent photographs of your child
  • Your military records, if applicable

What Is the I-R2 Visa Interview Like?

Many parents get nervous about the I-R2 interview process. This interview will take place in the country that you live in at a U.S. consulate or Embassy. During the interview, your child will be asked about your relationship and whether they see you as a parental figure. The interviewer may also ask questions about relatives in the United States and where those relatives live.

You must bring the following documents to your interview:

  • Your USCIS appointment confirmation letter
  • Two color photographs of your child
  • Your child’s passport, valid for at least six months after the date of entry into the United States
  • Any supporting documents, including copies of all the documents you submitted with your application
  • At the interview, you will be asked to pay any necessary fees that you have not paid yet. If you and your child pass the interview, meaning the interviewer feels satisfied with your parent-child relationship, they will likely grant the visa application.

How Long Does the I-R2 Application Process Take?

Since there are no limits to the number of I-R2 visas granted in a given year, the timeline for an I-R2 visa is generally much faster than other visa applications. The entire visa process usually takes between three and 12 months in total. However, this can depend on the office that processes your application and your specific circumstances.

What Happens After an I-R2 Visa Application is Approved?

If your child enters the United States before they are 18, they will automatically become a U.S. citizen upon entering. If your child enters the United States after they turn 18, they will become a lawful permanent resident (LPR). Lawful permanent residents will get an I-R2 green card and can apply for permanent citizenship once they are eligible.

Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

If living with your child in America is your goal, the I-R2 visa is the best way to get them into the country and begin their journey toward citizenship. While the I-R2 application process can seem daunting, with the help of an experienced legal team, you can expedite the process and ensure there are no delays due to errors.

At The Law Office of Rosina C. Stambaugh, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients through every step of the visa process. From filling out forms to preparing for the interview to applying for a green card, we are here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, call our office today at 717-900-1818.

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