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The Spiritual Cost of Aggressive Immigration Crackdown

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Throughout the past century, countries all over the world make their value creators and entrepreneurial talents feel unwelcome and pushing them to leave, while the United States encourages the same people with promises of opportunity, liberty, and freedom.

But recently, however, America is rebranding itself as a place which now pushes those people away. Current immigration policy and changing public sentiment are threatening the pattern.

Nowadays, other countries such as China and India are providing more reasons for their talented professionals to stay. Canada and other developed countries are now offering talented people incentives to come.

Vetting to prevent potential criminals from entering any country is necessary, but countries that discourage immigration in the spirit of economic protectionism will experience two types of repercussions. Not only will they lost talent from within their ranks and from other parts of the globe, they also will enable their competition from the outside to grow and expand.

While Americans are discouraging foreign professionals to come here and boost their economy, it also appears that the nation is also experiencing a loss of community as people increasingly view their neighbors with hostility. As recent U.S. policies are pushing people away, the opportunity for economic growth can be found elsewhere now.

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